Article 37
27. April 2014

The beach of Varadero

After our successful workshop
and performances, we now
enjoy a refreshing dip into
the ocean at the idyllic
beach of Varadero.

Article 36
26. April 2014

The festival is over.

Here's a snap-shot taken with
friends and colleagues in the
evening, after a theatre-performance.

Article 35
26. April 2014

As a farewell we perform a walk-act with the workshop members- just for fun!

Article 34
25. April 2014


Before the festival
had even ended,
we received “thank-you's”
from the festival directors.

Article 33
25. April 2014

Yexela dancing with Eumel

Thanks to Yexela we reached a special climax
on our last day of performing live: Here the two
of them are dancing together, in a rhythm that we
spontaneously rehearsed just before. You get
the idea on this youtube video:

Article 32
24. April 2014


The following workshop days are dedicated
to more complex maneuvers, such as climbing.

Article 31
23. April 2014

1. Appearance in Matanzas with our workshop participants

The spectators had a lot of fun
with Eumel, many asked to have their
photographs taken with Eumel and
the team after the show.

Article 30
23. April 2014

1. Appearance in Matanzas with our workshop participants

After only three workshop days
we have with our workshop participants
the first presentation in the park
"de la Libertad" in Matanzas
successfully carried out.
Many Cubans came to see
the first playing Movements
of our puppet Eumel.

Article 29
23. April 2014

Dress rehearsal:

Everything went really well.
Now we are ready to present our
premiere in front of an audience
this afternoon.

Article 28
23. April 2014

Dress rehearsal:

We also attempted a flic-flac         

Article 27
23. April 2014

Dress rehearsal:

On day three we had our dress rehearsal,
at 35°C outdoors in the sunshine, including
posing for a photo-session.

Article 26
21. April 2014

1. workshop day

... also immediately we went off
with the doll play. The first movements
with Eumel were already examined.

Article 25
21 . April 2014

1. workshop day

First workshop day has taken place.
After itself all participants had introduced...

Article 24
21 . April 2014

In Matanzas: Eumel among friends

In the early morning meets Eumel and this
workshop team in front of the accommodation
"Guanima" and discusses the last details.
Then the festival coach brought us to the
National University for Pedagogic Arts in Matanzas.

Article 23
20 . April 2014

In Matanzas arrive: Eumel is glad about the big interest

In the meantime, we have been picked up by a coach
from Havana and have enter the accommodation in
Matanzas. There were pleasantly many registrations
for our workshop up to now. We do not know yet, how we
20 participants will manage. But we already have
a few ideas. Eumel sits ready and is glad about
the Cuban people. We will report.

Article 22
17. April 2014

Adventure in Havana: Sergio and the magic wave

With the walk in the bank promenade of Havana (Malecon)
Sergio made a special experience with the forces of the water.
A wave was based suddenly so high that it came down
completely about him. It was entertainment of the
construction-workers working nearby. Rolle could just still
make both pictures and had to bring itself in security.
In any case, Sergio had his bath in the golf of Mexico
behind himself. Luckily it is so hot here that it lasted
not long and everything had dried again.

Article 21
17. April 2014

arrive in Havana

The arrival ran smoothly, however, was strenuous.
Be on the move 24 hours is quite violent. At the hotel
in Havana we had well found accomodation and most near
day it went off on inspection tour.
Of course duty, a visit on the place of her
Revolution (see picture).

Artikel 20
01. April 2014

with private sponsorship flights booked

Now there are 5 days to our crowdfoundig action with Startnext comes to an end.
Unfortunately, the action does not run in such a way as we would have seen this
with pleasure. But the project has got a chance by private sponsorship. This means,
all plans can be realised. Also from Cuban side there is a support: they put free
lodging and catering for all the time! We will publish after the end of the Startnext
action the project news here. If you wanted you can be involved furthermore quite
near. So stay near.

Artikel 19
28. March 2014

With this poster you become the miraculous
cultural ambassador! What your friends, visitors
or customers will read and enjoy if they see this
poster with you. It will make be beating their hearts
if they see this unique Kuba-Berlin- Kultur-Projekt
with your sponsorship support to the success carry.

Article 18
24. March 2014

Result Voting of "thank-you":

We thank for the given votes and hope you still use the opportunity to get hold of one or other "thank-you".

Postcard with corner Caribbean sand = well 5 not well 0
Picture “Your name in the sand” = well 4 not well 0
Calendar "April April" = well 1 not well 0
Sergio makes food = well 1 not well 0
Mask Eumel as a pirate = well 2 not well 0

Article 17
22. March 2014

Created!!! Now it goes off!

All preparations have been worthwhile. We have got to introduce our project with startnext, to present and to bring in the financing phase. Up to the festival are still scanty 3 weeks. Now you are asked. So if you want to support us, now gets cracking. Of course we will inform You furthermore what gives it the new from the cultural ambassador Eumel. So keeps.

Article 16
16. March 2014

Financing phase applies! Informations to methods of the payment

Now it can last only hours, until our donation platform on Startnext page
becomes a free-switched. To make easy for You the support us, here
already the important informations about the methods of the payment:
To support our project, you can select currently between three methods
of the payment(only three because "pay pal" does not go with us).


For supporters all methods of the payment are free, that is the fact
that a payment causes no add-on costs. Nevertheless, there are
differences and specific features, wherefore it itself repays before
a support exactly to consider which method is the best. Info
Please, carry your experience with the methods of the payment
one on pinboard on our Startnextpage. With pleasure also into
English language. So we can help You in problems and others
can learn from You.

Article 15
10. March 2014

No paypal!!!

How we have got informed from the operators of the donation platform "startnext", we do not become to be of use the payservice "paypal", because of the US an embargo politics towards Cuba. Other artists have got problems in the past. However, there are on "startnext" still other singular possibilities around to support our project, as for example "direct transfer". We will inform You in detail, as soon as we change in the financing phase.

Article 14
09. March 2014

The puppet theatre festival "11. Taller Internacional
de Titeres de Matanzas " has published beside
standing poster.

If you click on the poster you got to the Cuban
Internet site with the newest information, indeed,
into Spanish language.

Article 13
07. March 2014

25 fans!!!

On the Startnextpage we have after 3 days
25 fans agree. SUPER !!! Carry on!
An aim are 50 fans around in the financing
phase to get. So if you can still mobilise friends,
acquaintances and relatives, would be really great.

Article 12
04. March 2014
stabfigur-workshop-in-cuba auf Startnext click here

The time has come!!!

Now, on the Startnextpage our donation
collecting platform has been switched
in the start phase. You are able from now
appeal and help with the generation of 50
fans the financing phase to reach!

Article 11
01. March 2014

The video for the Startnext presentation is ready.

As soon as the project on the Startnextseite is to be seen, you can look at it.

Article 10
24. February 2014

Check the 5. “Thank you”!

Here the 5. planned "thank-you",
which our future supporters can
receive if they make a donation:
“Flight in the Caribbean!”
A special manufacture of the
Eumel mask with Eumel as a pirate

Article 9
23. February 2014

Check the 4. “Thank you”!

Here the 4. planned "thank-you",
which our future supporters can
receive if they make a donation:
“With Sergio tasty eat Cuban!”
Sergio invites to eating and serves
Basque-Cuban food!
Enjoy your meal!

Article 8
22. February 2014

Check the 3. “Thank you”!

Here the 3. planned "thank-you",
which our future supporters can
receive if they make a donation:
“April April”
A special issue Eumel calendar
in 2014 with the months
from April, 2014 to April, 2015!

Article 7
18. February 2014

Check the 2. “Thank you”!

Here the 2. planned "thank-you", which
our future supporters can receive if
they make a donation:
“The sand which carries your name!”
A photo provides in Cuba on the beach
with your name in the sand written and then by
E-mail attachment to you sent!

Article 6
17. February 2014

Check the 1. “Thank you”!

Today we start to introduce the planned "Thank you",
our future supporters can receive, if they make a donation.
The authentic postcard from Cuba with original Signature of
the project partner and now it comes:
with a corner to authentic Caribik beach sand!!

Article 5
13. February 2014

Workshop times and place

From the 21.4. to the 25.4., Monday till Friday,
from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm,
at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas (National Art School)

Article 4
04. January 2014

We are planning a 5-day workshop in Cuba, were all participants have
the opportunity to get to know our specific staff-puppetry! With mixed
teams we want to organize small performances.

This is our slogan: “Artists visit artists”
“An interactive, intercultural workshop with staffpuppet Eumel, 2014 Matanzas Cuba”

Article 3
17. December 2013

In this video Max, Sergio, Eumel and Rolle explain
why they want to go to Cuba, why this project is
worth supporting and how one can become Eumel’s friend.

Article 2
29. Noviembre 2013

Oh however, the spontaneous joy was soon followed by
disillusionment. Max, Eumel and Sergio realized that
the Stabfigurencompany has no money for finanzing
such a trip to Cuba. Unfortunately, the economic
problems facing Cuba are in such a way that they
are hoping, Eumel + Co. could find a solution for
the financing of the guest performance themselves.

Article 1
11. October 2013

Today, Eumel received a letter from Cuba. Our friends of the
Cuban puppet theatre group "Teatro de las estaciones" sent
us an invitation for the puppet theatre festival "Taller Internacional de
Titeres de Matanzas". We are very happy indeed.
Eumel was so excited, he could hardly speak.