Article 21
5. June 2014
Article 20
5. June 2014

In spite of the rain both Eumel-teams are in a great mood for performing and have fun with their audience. You can see a short video of the performance on the right:

Article 19
5. June 2014

A new day. ”Eumel likes Eumel” once again, this time on the main stage.

Article 18
2. June 2014

Two friends meet. Friendship transcends any cultural differences. A quick photograph with both puppets together.

Article 17
2. June 2014

Finally it's happening: both Eumel puppets meet up on stage. The audience is thrilled.

Article 16
2. June 2014

The first public performance of “Eumel likes Eumel” in Nanchong.

Article 15
2. June 2014

Eumel-Teams marching in and Chinateam in action.

Article 14
31. May 2014

The puppeteers of Nanchong Puppet-theatre get to know Eumel and are soon ready for their first performance.

Article 13
30. May 2014

Arrival of the "Eumel likes Eumel" team in Nanchong/China

Top score: Arrival after 30 hours of travalling.
At Chengdu Airport welcomed by our guide,
the wonderful Liv.

Article 12
10. May 2014

The project "Eumel like Eumel" now has its own sticker.

Article 11
4. May 2014

Crowdfunding has started on indiegogo.

Article 10
March - May 2014

Rehearsing for the festival.

Article 9
March 2014

patch “Eumel likes Eumel“

Article 8
28. February 2014

„Alpha team“

After a period of 15 rehearsal sessions an „ Alpha Team “ is formed. The German team will
consist of the following players: Nina, Sergio, Rolle, Lutz, Micha, and Sixto.

Article 7
18. February 2014


In February 2014 the festival agrees to a cooperation with local puppeteers from Nanchong.
There will be a German and a Chinese team playing at the festival.

Article 6
28.November 2013

Video Mock-up

The first rehearsals result in a mock-up video.
You may order a link to the drop- box via e-mail.
Eumel fans get the link automatically.

Article 5
26. November 2013

Meeting with pool players and guests

Here's a short video sample of the rehearsal.

Article 4
26. November 2013

Player meeting at the Stabfigurencompany

In November 2013 the pool players are invited to participate in the project.

Article 3
22. October 2013


The concept "Eumel likes Eumel" is proposed and accepted following an invitation to the "First Puppet Theatre Festival" in Nanchong, China.

Article 2
31. March 2011

First public performance

In March 2013 the premiere of two simultaneously
performing Eumel puppets takes place on an
international platform. In Bogota Eumel 1 and Eumel 2
play a tennis match in front of 15 thousand spectators,
supporting the “real” match Nadal vs Djokovic. With a bit
of luck Eumel 2 wins the game quite deservedly, as
Eumel 1 plays the ball with an air of arrogance, resulting
in catcalls from the audience.
This event marks the beginning of the project “Eumel likes Eumel”.

Article 1
6. December 2008

The first encounter of the two Eumel puppets

In preparation for a possible guest performance at
“Keochang Theatre Festival” in South Korea the first
scenes and highlights are explored. The two puppets first
meet during rehearsal time- the actual performance
unfortunately gets cancelled and our ideas put on ice.